For Strategic Sheep Purposes: The Falklands War

May 9, 2022 @ 10:00 am

Prior to April 1982, hardly anyone around the world had heard of the Falklands. Then, in an instant, it became a hotbed of global talk. Argentina, then under the crumbling military regime, had invaded the islands. They were some of the last pieces of the British Empire following decolonization. The Falklands were different, though. Located some hundreds of 8,064 miles from Britain, but were inhabited by mostly British persons known as Falklanders. Now, they were under a new leadership. After a century of back and forth finger pointing, Argentina had finally struck and were preparing to stay.

For the British, they would not back down easily. PM Margaret Thatcher, the Iron Lady herself, stood before parliament the day after the invasion and said "...the Falkland Islands and their dependencies remain British Territory. No aggression and no invasion can alter that simple fact." Soon after, a Naval task force set course for the Falklands. The confrontation had begun...


Rule Britannia, performed by Harry Völker

Himno Nacional Argentino


"For Strategic Sheep Purposes," Eddie Izzard (Eddie, we love you!)

Thatcher's Speech to the House of Commons

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