Episode 4: The Honourable Peter Lougheed

August 20, 2018 @ 10:00 am

Alberta has been under the governance of the Social Credit Party, during which the province experienced a growth in the oil and gas industry. With the discovery of brand new oil and gas deposits in 1947, Alberta went from being one of Canada's poorest provinces, to one of the richest. However, the leadership of Ernest Manning made the party one of the most conservative parties in Alberta at that time. Their Christian populist rhetoric shaped their policy, and in turn shaped Alberta's social characteristics. With the shift towards industrialization and boost in urban population, Social Credit's agrarian roots, along with changes in societal attitudes, were causing its popularity to dwindle. Out of this would rise a middle-aged Calgary lawyer, a man who wished to see a shift in Alberta from absolute conservatism to progressive conservatism. The election on August 30, 1971 would begin the Progressive Conservative Party's long dynasty in Alberta's politics, under the leadership of Alberta's greatest premier: Peter Lougheed.


Introduction: Peter Lougheed, Canada's Energy Wars, property of the CBC, used under Fair Use

Intro Song: 5 Cents Back by Audionautix

Outro Song: Warmth Feeling by Samashi


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