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Episode 6, Part 2: A Checkered Shield (The Croatian War of Independence)

October 8, 2018 @ 10:00 am

A water tower stands tall over the city of Vukovar, still bearing the scars of Croatia's trauma. As Yugoslavia collapses, Croatia stands firm against Serbian aggression, both from Serbia itself and the Serbian-Croats within its borders. Ethnic tension runs at an all time high, and it soon becomes clear to the world this war will not be as quick as Slovenia's Ten-Day War. Both the Croats and Serbs are equally determined to cement their self-preservation, and are equally willing to resort to extreme violence. Aside from the conventional warfare measures, the Croat and Serb forces will resort to the worst methods possible in an effort to achieve their goals in the first examples of ethnic cleansing in Europe since the Second World War. Sadly, the Croatian War of Independence was only a prologue to the horrors we still can't begin to comprehend.


Please note: At almost exactly 1 hour in, the audio messed up, hense why the quality momentarily faulters.


Intro: Sean Murray, Fountain (from Call of Duty: World at War)

Outro: Philanthrope, Things Fall Apart

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